Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for my child to attend Umhlali Preparatory School?

You are invited to collect an application form from our reception. Once this form has been completed and submitted, your details will be captured. Should a place in the relevant grade become available, you will be contacted.

For the 2024 academic year, Umhlali Preparatory School is currently at capacity in all Grades.

What are the current school fees?

2024 School Fees

R38,750 per pupil per annum
Less 5% (R1,937.50) if paid before 31 January 2024


R3,875 per month (payable over 10 months) from January to October 2024

The 2025 school fees will be set once ratified at the Annual General Meeting in November 2024.

Admissions Waiting Lists

Umhlali Preparatory School is currently full. Should you wish to have your child’s name added to our waiting list, please visit the school or contact reception to collect the relevant forms.

Teacher Internships

Each year we employ the services of Teacher Interns. These are students who are currently studying towards their teaching degrees. We have no vacant Teacher Internship positions at present.

Is Umhlali a Private School?

Umhlali Preparatory School is a former Model C fee-paying public school. We follow the CAPS (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement) guidelines.  




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