Music And Performing Arts

Our pupils enjoy music lessons with specialist music teachers from Grade R.

Through a dynamic blend of creative exploration, skill enhancement, and collaborative experiences, we offer an enriching musical foundation that enhances the educational journey of our pupils while fostering their innate creativity.

During the Foundation Phase, we sow the seeds and establish the groundwork for pupils to embark on an exciting exploration of their musical abilities.

Foundation Phase Music

Our music classroom provides comprehensive percussion instrument instruction for pupils, encompassing a diverse range of instruments such as boom whackers, xylophones, and glockenspiel – used to teach concepts such as melody, rhythm, and harmony in a fun and interactive way.

Our curriculum ensures that pupils receive grade-appropriate lessons in musical concepts, enabling them to learn an extensive repertoire of songs throughout the academic year.

Joining the choir opens up a fantastic avenue for developing singing skills in a collaborative setting. The choir serves as a platform for children to learn the art of group singing and presents exciting performance opportunities on multiple occasions throughout the year.

Senior Preparatory Music

In the senior phase, pupils are exposed to the practical, theory, history and performance aspects of music. They engage in singing and playing musical instruments, allowing them to develop their musical abilities through hands-on experience. We also introduce music notation so our pupils gain a general knowledge of music theory, enabling them to understand the building blocks of music.

We explore different genres of music and learn about the elements that define each one. By studying the history of music, pupils gain a deeper appreciation for the evolution and diversity of musical styles.

We conduct two assessments per term, covering both practical and theoretical aspects of music education. This assessment system allows us to gauge individual growth and provide targeted support where needed.

An integral part of our music program is the annual concert, where every student in the school performs a group instrumental work, and showcases their vocal talents. This event provides a platform for students to demonstrate their skills and gain confidence in their musical abilities.