Visual Arts

Visual Arts

In our bustling art rooms, colour, fun, and creativity intertwine to provide a space for young minds to explore the wonders of the visual arts through both practical and theoretical study.

In both Junior and Senior phases, our pupils are fortunate to be taught by specialist teachers.

Engaging in hands-on art activities offers pupils more than just creative expression. By working directly with materials, they enhance their fine motor skills, while developing creative and critical thinking abilities. Through the creative process, they cultivate patience, perseverance, and discipline.

Kindness is a cornerstone of our classrooms, as pupils support one another, share resources, and foster a positive and collaborative atmosphere.

We teach different styles, techniques, and media, empowering pupils to grow and develop artistically.

Art projects are tailored to the needs and age group of pupils, allowing them to express their individuality and push the boundaries of their imagination.

Within a safe, enjoyable, and challenging framework, they are encouraged to draw inspiration from various sources, expanding their horizons and honing their observational skills.

From grades 4 to 7, our art curriculum incorporates theory and practical projects. We delve into the world of visual art, exploring various art forms, the Elements of Art, the Principles of Design, and the works of diverse artists, both past and present.

This knowledge empowers them to create art with intention, applying what they’ve learned to each project.

By the time they reach grade 7, they have developed visual literacy skills, enabling them to observe, analyse, and discuss artworks in terms of their elements, principles, concepts, and emotional impact.

Our curriculum is continually refined to ensure students reap the full benefits before transitioning to high school.